Using Zigbee devices with Home Assistant

How I got more control from an IKEA Trådfri motion sensor with Home Assistant and a Zigbee dongle.

15 Aug 20217 min

Using the Elecrow 5" TFT display with Balena

How to use a cheap 5 inch display with Balena without pulling your hair out.

1 Jun 20211 min

Create a WireGuard VPN in 10 minutes with Docker

Creating a quick, easy and most importantly, secure VPN using Docker and WireGuard.

19 Oct 20204 min

Setting up a Raspberry Pi Zero W without a Display, Keyboard and Mouse

The right way to set up a Raspberry Pi Zero headlessly.

16 Apr 20204 min

Running WannaCry in a Virtual Machine

Setting up a virtual machine for safely running the WannaCry ransomware (and other malware).

28 Feb 20206 min

Drone - Continuous Integration with Containers

Setting up and exploring Drone, a container focused continuous integration tool.

23 Nov 20198 min

Switching to the Brave Browser

My experience of switching to the Brave Web Browser.

6 Apr 20193 min

Getting a ST7735 TFT Display to work with a Raspberry Pi

Getting an ST7735 TFT Display working with a Raspberry Pi.

19 Jan 20181 min

Introduction to Electron Apps

Creating a simple desktop app with JavaScript, HTML and CSS using Electron.

24 Jul 20162 min

Pi Zero Impressions

First Impressions of the new tiny £5 Raspberry Pi Zero.

29 Feb 20161 min

Installing a Custom ROM onto the 5th Generation Kindle Fire

Installing a custom Android version onto the 5th Generation Kindle Fire

27 Dec 20151 min

Hacking the 5th Generation Kindle Fire

Adding Google Apps, Rooting, Removing Bloatware and Changing the Launcher of a 5th Generation Kindle Fire

4 Oct 20152 min

Arduino Weather Logger

Creating an Arduino Weather Station.

10 Apr 20151 min

Raspberry Pi PVR

Creating a digital TV recorder and viewer with a Raspberry Pi and OpenELEC.

26 Oct 20141 min